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And where are the parents of Gen Zers and what are they doing to change this sad scenario of suffering screeners?? Do the 'rents read? Do they volunteer at schools? Limit screen time? Set an example by socializing ? Loneliness is incumbent upon teens; it's a part of individuation. But there are healthy ways to address it. Go to church.

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Agree on the individuation! The only way create a real personality apart from the crowd is to be alone!

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I agree with what u r saying.

The parents are running family channels and put their kids in front of the camera and got paid and the kids do not know any different.

The church is online too. Church just got robbed on the internet and it went viral.

School is online now.

Volunteer program I work with is remote and online.

Social media and the internet is king.

It is unfortunate.

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Great Prose Alert for "meretricious monasteries" 👏👏👏

I still think the only logical solution is to have metering on these apps, tied to a phone's identifier so you can't switch accounts to get around it. The toll constant engagement takes on influencers and influenced alike is such that you'll never break them from the scroll without built-in limitations. Gen Z has been used as data-set guinea pigs by Meta and ByteDance, and as you so persuasively point out, continuous engagement is the currency of the realm. Time to snap the cycle.

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