Yeah man. Intense stuff. I was there in NYC when it all went down: https://michaelmohr.substack.com/p/a-californian-living-in-new-york

Michael Mohr

"Sincere American Writing"


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Moss sounds like he has a mental health diagnosis.

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Vonnegut's out-of-pocket on that last quote 😆

Read this piece while listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre on my commute, and it was an oddly moving experience. Jeremiah sounds like a terribly myopic sort of hipster, though: a society needs more than performance artists and secondhand stores to have culture. Yes, we can all bemoan the replacement of a beloved mom-and-pop with a Chase ATM, but these are developments connected more with the corrupting influence of wealth on Albany and City Hall than they are with an influx of suburban yuppies.

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